#BBNaijaReunion: Beatrice And Boma Face Off

Set your reminders, said Ebuka Obi-Uchendu about the reunion episode, which premieres in June. 

Already fans ha e gotten a teaser which indicated Beatrice and Boma had a face-off. It all started after Boma Boma asked her to keep silent while he spoke. But she defied him. 

Things apparently degenerated when Boma said Beatrice looked like a man. She had gotten upset and asked Boma if his girlfriend is prettier than her. 

Expectedly, viewers started intervening in the conflict almost immediately. One user described Beatrice as a beautiful lady of peace who wouldn’t hurt anyone and that it takes serious disrespect or injustice to make her very angry. 

Some condemned Boma outright for disrespecting her. Boma has no apologies for what happened, though. The footballer’s records showed he had a couple of conflicts with others while in the house. 

From the look of things, what fans just had was a sneak peek. The reunion episode promises to unearth even more controversies and conflicts. And it isn’t far away, the release date — June 2. Stay tuned y’all. 

is one of the most-followed reality shows on the continent, and it has made many people famous.

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