BET Awards Nomination: Rouge Defends Uncle Waffles Following Outrage Over Her Repping Eswatini

South African rapper Rouge has come to the defence of fellow musician Uncle Waffles Following the revelation that she is repping Swaziland in the recent BET Award nomination.

Uncles Waffles had been nominated alongside other musicians in the best international act category of the BET Awards. South Africans were jubilant over her nomination, and even Uncle Waffles herself was incredulous as she shared the news online.

Along the line, though, some people’s opinions appeared to have changed when they realised that she would be repping another country and not South Africa.

The sudden change in the perception of her occasioned by the revelation that she is not repping South Africa provoked a comment from Rouge. She retweeted Uncle Waffles’ post about her nomination, educating the public about the nomination process and clarifying that the songstress was nominated based on the country she was originally from. That’s the process, according to her. You can check out her post.

Uncle Waffles rose to fame only recently after a clip of her vining to a song by Young Stunna went viral. Although many considered her a one-song wonder and gave her a timeline to disappear as soon as she came, she has continued growing as an artist.

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