Boity Says She Doesn’t Have a Degree And SA Accuses Her of Lying

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Mzansi star Boity revealed she doesn’t have a university degree, and SA accused her of lying about getting a Criminology Degree from Monash.

One thing Mzansi associates Boity Thulo with is success. The star has come a long way to be the successful celebrity, rapper, and businesswoman she is today. She also proves that one does not need a University degree to make it in life.

In response to a Twitter fan asking if she has a degree, the “Own Your Throne” star revealed she doesn’t. According to TSWAlebs, Boity dropped out from Monash University, where she was studying towards a Double major in Psychology and Criminology, because her mom could not afford the fees.

She said, “If my mom hadn’t run out of money for my University fees, I would have been a Criminal Psychologist/Serial killer Profiler by now. But God had other plans for me.” Fans accused the rapper of lying about having a degree in the past, while others praised her for making it anyway.