Buffalo Souljah Addresses Lil Wayne Beef

South Africa-based Zimbabwean artist Buffalo Souljah has given some insight into his beef with American rapper Lil Wayne, indicating there would never have been a beef in the first place if the rapper’s management had been amenable to a little offer to promote a Lil Wayne lookalike during the American’s visit around 2011.

According to him, there was this kid (Young Nucho) who looked like Lil Wayne, mannerism and all, that approached him at some point for a promotion of sorts. They hung out. Since Lil Wayne would be popping into South Africa around the same period, Buffalo Souljah decided to reach out to promoters to allow Young Nucho to open the stage for the American.

They said they would reach out to him but eventually failed to. This made Buffalo Souljah activate when he called his “Plan B.” He took Young Nucho out with about 8 bouncers and they sat on the Mandela statue in Sandton. A young girl was there and kept staring and staring. Finally, she came over and asked if Young Nucho was Lil Wayne and ended up taking pictures with him.

That set off a chain reaction within the vicinity and in no time everyone thought Young Nucho was Lil Wayne and they piled up for pictures and photographs. Meanwhile, Lil Wayne had landed somewhere in Cape Town but without similar reception.

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