“Dangerous” – Thandiswa Mazwai Rails Against Religion In Africa

“Dangerous” – Thandiswa Mazwai Rails Against Religion In Africa

Religion has been a subject of great interrogation for as long as one can remember, with people sharing their thoughts for and against it. Here in South Africa, there is one woman who doesn’t feel religion has helped the African continent. Her name is Thandiswa Mazwai.

In a recent tweet, the celebrated singer was unapologetic and firm in denouncing what religion has become in Africa. In her words, “Religion is dangerous in Africa! Very very dangerous. Heavy indoctrination!”

She didn’t mention any particular religion, but it is easy to deduce that she wasn’t talking about African traditional religions, which were already on the ground before the arrival of the Europeans and Arabs. More likely than not, she was referencing the other religions.

Anyway, from the reactions to her post, it was easy to see that many South Africans agreed with her verdict about religion in Africa and the patent indoctrination that goes on. You can check out the controversial tweet below.

Thadiswa Mazwai is known for always speaking her mind. So her latest outburst against religion should be nothing surprising to those who know her and how her mind works.

The trouble is, she might speak but might not be able to change anything about religion in Africa.