Dineo Ranaka Talks Stigmas Surrounding Mental Health, Requests Research Into The Subject

She had serious issues with her mental health recently, which culminated in her losing her job at Kaya FM. But Dineo Ranaka is pushing ahead and sharing insights with her compatriots, including educating people about the stigmas surrounding mental health.

For one who battled depression and was suicidal at some point and only refrained from taking her own life only because she feared for her kids because there wouldn’t be anyone to take care of them in the event of her death, she should know better.

During a recent chat with a local publication, Dineo noted that people with mental health issues are often stigmatised, a people see them as nothing more than attention-seeking, dramatic, bewitched, and merely pretending to be sick.

She acknowledges the sad realities of those with mental health issues, as their illness is often disruptive to those around them. She also noted that some of those with mental health issues struggle with understanding their problems.

Now, couple that with the judgement they get to face from the public. It is certainly not an easy ride. She advocated for more research into mental health, for that will not only help those with mental health issues but the public as well.

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