Dineo Ranaka Welcomed Podcast Criticism From Fans

New podcast host Dineo Ranaka has welcomed criticism for her new podcast.

Dineo Ranaka is adjusting to her new role as a podcast host. The former radio star now hosts the “S*x n Stuff” podcast under the Podcast & Chill Network. So far, she’s been doing a good job, but her fans have a few notes.

After the third episode aired with guest Sonia Mbele from Real Housewives Of Johannesburg, a fan left a constructive criticism comment for her. He wrote,

“I was kindly requesting and suggesting that you please give your guests time to also tell their stories without interjecting them.”

Ranaka gracefully replied, “You represent the sentiments of many in your comment and feedback. I will improve with time, and I believe your feedback is of great value. We can never become better if we are not told where we lack. To all my viewers, thank you for watching despite where I fall short. I hear your feedback and receive it well.”

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