DJ Tira Accused Of Having An Affair With DJ Hlo

Will there ever be an end to the drama in South Africa’s entertainment universe? We seriously doubt that. Afrotainment boss has been accused of sleeping with DJ Hlo.

The controversy started after the entertainer posted a status on Facebook. A fan had seen it and accused the singer of sleeping with the Ukhozi Song of the Year 2021 winner.

The fan also claimed that was also sleeping with the Qwabe Twins, who are both signed to his record label.

The claims infuriated and he threatened to beat up those who are falsely accusing him.

Of course, it cannot be seriously established that the Afrotainment boss is sleeping with the people he’s said to be sleeping with. In an industry that’s been bedeviled with marital controversies, is one muso who’s managed to stay clean.

By the way, DJ Hlo was earlier reported to be gearing to become the second label of a wealthy businessman to whose record label she’s signed. But she denied it outright, noting she’s single.

Also, last we checked, she’s yet to respond to the claims that is sleeping with her. It’s doubtful she would even respond. Stay tuned anyway.

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