DJ Vigilante Shares Vital Advice To Artists At Their Peak Moments

Some artists usually lose sight of their goals and the vitality of staying consistent and maintaining their place at their peak. And a lot happens because of this mistake. South African disc jockey and producer DJ Vigilante has a word of advice for these artists.

The songster, a veteran in the industry back home, shared his thoughts on this during a recent session of Secure the Bag, which has Family GTree rapper Cassper Nyovest and others as part of the panellists.

He noted the vitality of proper fund management, as a time might come when musicians might not be making as much money as they used to but may still want to maintain the lifestyle for which they are already known. He also advised his fellow musicians to know what royalty is and also what masters are.

These are actually two important areas in the musician’s creative life and might determine what he gets based on the agreement reached at the outset.

DJ Vigilante’s take couldn’t be more timely coming at a time when some artists are actually struggling with royalty claims and some have even been waging wars against their former record labels. you can check out the detailed clip below.

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