DJ Zinhle Furious Over Website Impersonation

It appears those impersonating South African disc jockey are not done just yet. Recall we had earlier reported how a Facebook page was using the singer’s name to sell hair and other beauty products.

had denounced the page and warned fans to have nothing to do with it, as she is not the one behind the page. Most fans heeded her advice and many retweeted her warning.

It appears the same person behind the Facebook page has a website in ’s name as well. The singer has just discovered this and has loudly dissociated herself from the website as well.

Like in the previous case of Impersonation, DJ Zinhle took to Twitter to warn her fans she is not the person behind the blog. She was unaware about the blog until a fan informed her.

She was furious this time and made that clear. “WTF!?” part of her tweet reads. By the way, it is unknown who exactly is behind the Facebook page and blog as no one has come out to apologize to the songstress.

What are your thoughts on this latest case of impersonation? You may want to let us know what you think, in the comment section.

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