Emtee Shared Shocking Reason For Not Showing Up For Duncan’s Music Video Shoot

Mzansi rapper Emtee has shared the shocking reason why he didn’t show up for Duncan’s music video shoot.

Emtee has been in the news a lot later. Recently, he has trended for sharing news about people who are after his life. He recently took to social media to explain why he didn’t show up for Duncan’s music video shoot after DJ Tira called him out on it.

He said he was afraid for his life. The “Waves” rapper said, “I did apologize for not pitching up to the music video. I did apologize to him and Duncan for not making it to the shoot,”

He continued, “My life is really a movie man, I had n**gs trying to kill me around that time we were supposed to shoot Duncan’s song. I was getting death threats, I was wearing a bulletproof vest every day. N**gs wanted ransom money from me, all that sh*t bro. So it was during that time, that’s why I couldn’t make it to the shoot and the name of the song is Nomathemba,”

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