EverythingSAMusic Podcaster Rea Gopane Attacks Bonang Matheba Again

From the look of things, podcast host isn’t done with his sallies against businesswoman Bonang Matheba. He’s opened fire on her again. Previously, Rea had made “damaging” claims against Bonang, including claiming that she had introduced AKA, her former boyfriend, to drugs.

A furious Bonang had contacted her lawyers and issued Tea with a letter of demand. Rea had claimed that had told him about Bonang’s drug habit which he share in turn during his podcast. Tea was forced to release an apology on Twitter.

Well, he’d struck Bonang again, bringing up a question many have been asking for some time. Speaking on his Everything SA Music platform, he asked Bonang where her vineyard is.

Bonang, who reportedly owns the of BNG, claims to own a vineyard and peeps have been asking her where the vineyard is so they can verify it. Rea had jumped on the same train.

His shot comes after Bonang announced she was dropping Celebrity Services Africa (CSA), which was previously managing her brand. The fall out with CSA has led to a severe backlash on social media, with peeps using it as an opportunity to get to Bonang. She’s been receiving support, though, from unexpected quarters.

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