Ex-Global Says A-Reece Introduced Him To Excessive Weed Smoking

Ex-Global reveals to Zingah that A-Reece introduced him to excessive weed smoking.

Zingah has been getting the podcast thing right. He has been having conversations that everyone has always wanted to hear, and fans are thrilled about the topics being raised on Twitter. Zingah was recently joined by Ex-Global, who opened up on why TWC split.

He made claims that have caused a stir on social media. Reacting to the tweets about him not telling the full TWC story, he revealed that the former group’s story deserves a Netflix special. He wrote, “Wait, I’m still not done, it gets crazy, you telling me TWC doesn’t deserve a Netflix special?”

He alleged that A-Reece introduced him to excessive weed smoking, “Brother I never used to smoke weed like that, but the boy got me in that life & hear I am today. I used to talk to you & now that the truth is out you trying to push a narrative like I meant disrespect God is watching, your day coming playboy.”

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