Fans Gush Over Nasty C and Sammie Heavens’ High School Photo

Fans are gushing over a photo of SA Hip Hop star Nasty C and Sammie Heavens, proving they’ve been together since high school.

If you ever wonder if true love exists, look at Nasty C and his girlfriend, Sammie Heavens, and you’d have your answer. The two have been together since high school and are still going strong. Most of his songs are about her.

A fan of the rapper had everyone screaming when he shared a throwback pic of them in high school and one of them recently. He expressed his shock that they had been together that long.

The two reportedly met when they were younger and in school. Sammie, named Ntombizodwa Sibanyoni, was a grade behind the “There They Go” star when they hit it off. They stayed together even after he got famous. Fans have also shared sweet messages to the couple, encouraging their love since the photos were posted.

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