Flame Says Ex Called The Police On Him

Flame reveals Ex, Ashleigh Ogle called the police on him

Flame says his ex-girlfriend called the police on him.

While we love some juicy deets on ongoing relationships and failed ones, sometimes a lot of them aren’t what we expect. It always leaves us wondering if we should have heard it. Mzansi rapper, Flame is in the news now for his failed relationship with ex-girlfriend, Ashleigh Ogle.

Now, we hear she doesn’t want him coming into her house anymore. It’s actually more complicated than that. The Mzansi rapper recently took to Twitter to reveal that she doesn’t want to give him what’s his. Those include his passport and keys which he left over at hers.

According to him, she said he’d have to go get them at the police station. He also revealed she called the police on him and said he can pick his things up somewhere else (at the station, maybe). We have no idea if this is all for real.

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