French Montana Talks About IG Battles: “Drake Probably Got Me…Jay Z Got Me”

Moroccan-American rapper, , has made headlines after he declared that he could floor in an IG Battle. Now, he has named artists whom he believes would take him down.

was one of the first few artists to engage in an Live Battle. The notable rapper has, since then, been defending his catalogue.

Many people believe that French Montana took down in an IG Battle. The popular rappers have linked up to collaborate on a brand new single titled ‘Cold.’ This proves that battles like the IG Battle can produce results that are unexpected.

Afterwards, French Montana talked about . He stated that he has produced more hits than Kendrick. Later clarifying his comments, French praised Kendrick while still maintaining his confidence that he is more notable than the Los Angeles rapper.

French Montana was asked during a recent interview with The Bassment about other artists he could compete against. The rapper was asked if he could name artists that he could go on ‘hit-for-hit’ battle with. French Montana is confident that he can do so with any artist.

French said:

Like I said before, you can put me against anybody. If I take the L, I’ll take the L. I’m not scared to lose. This is not about… This is about me believing in myself. I have a lotta hits. I have about 20, 23 mixtapes. Then I have hits, the worldwide hits, this and that. So, I feel I can go against anybody.

However, French Montana believes that there are some artists who will outshine him.

He said:

I know probably got me. I know Z got me. Besides that, it’s whatever. It’s open game.

He also added and Snopp Dogg’s names as he revealed that they would also take him down.

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