Gemini Major Drops Snippet Of AKA’s Verse On The Coming ‘Right Now’ Reloaded Remix

Fans of rapper, Gemini Major that have been waiting for the release of “Right Now” reloaded remix won’t have to wait for much longer now as Gemini Major has shared the snippet from the song.

The song coming from both artistes has been an anticipated one since the collaboration was announced and yesterday, fans got to hear AKA’s part of the song where he spat cool lines.

AKA is not the only top name on that list of featured artistes though. The likes of Nasty C, The Big Hash, Tellaman, and Emtee all made the list but fans have been introduced to AKA’s verse first and maybe the ones from the others will be teased soon too.

The original “Right Now” song had just Nasty C and Tellaman but the remix that promises even more will have a lot more faces with The Big Hash who was named as one of the top 10 MCs by MTV Baseand AKA who is well, one of the top names when it comes to music in the country.

Songs like “Ragga Ragga”, “Right Now”, “Best Thing” and more have come from the talented man in the past and this remix with its array of stars will most likely deliver too.

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