Gospel Singer Kholeka Unbothered Over Death Threats

Mzansi Gospel singer Kholeka Dubula reveals she’s been receiving death threats and is unbothered about death.

The music industry is becoming a terrifying place to follow. Artists have been getting murdered, and not much is being done about it. In a recent interview with Sunday World, Gospel singer Kholeka Dubula revealed she’s been getting death threats from an unknown person.

She told the publication, “I work in an industry that is peaceful, and my life is about the ministry. I do not have enemies that want to kill me. This person is taking chances, and I want to teach them a lesson,”

She also spoke about the current state of the country and how there have been scammers around. She said,

“South Africa is not safe; I believe that this person’s plan was to scam me. But I did not give them a chance. When he said he was outside my house and he was going to shoot, I told him to shoot because I do not fear death. Everything about my life is the will of God.”

Kholeka opened up about AKA’s murder in February. “We all saw what happened to AKA, and for people to subject artists to this kind of treatment is unfair.”

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