Grammys: Michelle Obama Congratulates Beyoncé

Former first Lady Michelle Obama has congratulated Beyoncé on her Grammy win. Beyoncé or the “Brown Skin Girl” fame was one of the biggest winners at the 63rd Grammys. 

At the award, , Beyoncé scooped her 28th Grammy – the first woman to reach that number. 

Impressed by career trajectory and her Grammy record, Michelle Obama could not contain her excitement. She congratulated Beyoncé, letting her know how amazed she is by the queen’s record 28 Grammys. She described Beyoncé’s oeuvre as elevating through time. 

By the way, she isn’t the only one Beyoncé’s record, nor is she the only one to congratulate her. Notes of congrats have been pouring in for Beyoncé from around the world, from her army of fans, celebs and ordinary folk alike. 

This year’s Grammy Awards wasn’t without controversy, though. Some musicians who were not nominated this year, notably The Weeknd, had denounced the Grammy while affirming plans not to submit records again to the Recording Academy. 

The furore over this year’s nominations is yet to die down, as is the excitement of some people winning the award for the first time. 

Well, what do you think of Michelle Obama’s congratulatory note? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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