Jamie Foxx Relives His Health Scare & Fears Amid The Crisis

Hope, Worry, Optimism As Jamie Foxx Is Hospitalised Following Medical Emergency

It was one health scare he never saw coming ad neither did his family. But at least, for celebrated American actor Jamie Foxx, it is all over now and he can breathe in peace without having to worry unnecessarily. But there was a time when many feared for his life.

The celebrated actor had an unspecified medical emergency that thrust his health into the spotlight globally. Fathers worried for him, and fans prayed. And at some point, rumours were flying around that it might be a lost cause.

Oh, well, Jamie made it, and he is grateful for another shot at life. In a post on Instagram, he noted that he did not know what went wrong with his health. One thing was clear to him, though: it was a journey through hell and back. It was something he never thought he would go through.

He often got emotional speaking about the incident and the health challenges he’s facing. Apparently, he occasionally cries about it all. But then, there is still life; he is still walking, and there is hope for him to continue to do what he has always loved doing.

It is fine to keep up the prayers for him of course.