K.O., Uncle Waffles, And Pabi Cooper Lose BET Awards

Some were gold, some were dross. This phrase best sums up the reality of the recent BET Awards, where some people lost and some won. One of those who didn’t win was Uncle Waffles, a South African DJ and singer.

Other South African musicians who were nominated but ended up not winning were Pabi Cooper and K.O.

K.O. and Uncle Waffles were nominated in their Best International Act category, and both were excited about the nomination. It was significant for both of them for different reasons. For Uncle Waffles, it was especially significant because she is a newbie in the music industry in South Africa.

For K.O., it was the first time he would be nominated. So, although he didn’t go home with the award, it was still a win of sorts.

The other South African, Pabi Cooper, was nominated in a different category – New International Act. Like her compatriots, though, she ended up not winning anything. She lost the award to Cameroon’s LiBianca.

Uncle Waffle and K.O. lost to the Nigerian afrobeats singer and de facto “African Giant” Burna Boy.

Well, those who lose today have a chance to win another day. Congratulations are in order for the winners and for those who didn’t win. Lol.

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