Khumi Chana Spills It All, Talk Being Desperate, Failed Ventures, & Retiring From Music – Watch

Khuli Chana Talks Academic Journey After Graduating With Honours

The idea of retiring from music is cool with some people and after making that announcement, they manage to stay retired. It isn’t so easy for others, including South African rapper Khulane Morule, long famous by his adopted stage name Khuli Chana.

In the past, the songster had actually spoken about retiring, but he kept coming back into the music arena. What exactly could be the reason for this? Well, that was one subject he addressed recently during a sit-down with media personality Mo Flava.

In that interview, Khuli Chan got candid, recalling that every three years or so he wants to put out a statement about retiring from music, but the spirit of music would not leave him. Of course, it has become obvious to him since then that quitting music is out of the question.

He isn’t going anywhere. While he might not be as prolific as he used to be, he would still be releasing music from time to time. By the way, Khuli Chan also dwelled on his past ventures, the losses he made and when he was desperate at some point in his life.

The detailed video interview is given in the YouTube embed below. Check it out.