Lebo M Admits To Having Trust Issues In Recent Appearance On Podcast & Chill – Watch

South African composer Lebo has admitted to having trust issues during a recent appearance on Podcast and Chill.

The muso trended for all the wrong reasons recently when word hit own that he was divorcing his wife Pretty Samuels. According to reports, he had entrusted her with his digital signature to sign things on his behalf while he travelled to Europe.

On his return, he requested that she signs an affidavit indicating that she had deleted the signature from her PC, but she declined to sign. She also reportedly refused to sign another affidavit indicating that she had not used his signature in a way that would  benefit her or any other person/

Her decision not to sign the affidavits alarmed Lebo M, who issued a statement noting he was divorcing her. Along the line, though, a family meeting was reportedly called and the couple ironed out their differences and are said to be back in each other’s good books.

Life goes on but Lebo M still have memories of the past and what he has learned. During his sit-down with Macg and Sol Phenduka, the composer har readily admitted, “Yes. When it comes to money, I trust nobody in my life.” Yeah, his relationship has nothing to do with love.

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