Legendary Artist Papa Penny Expresses Discontent Over Unauthorized Remix By DJ Black Coffee

Black Coffee Faces Backlash For Remixing Papa Penny's Song

Legendary Artist Papa Penny Expresses Discontent Over Unauthorized Remix By DJ Black Coffee

In recent entertainment news, the renowned Tsonga disco music legend, Penny Penny, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the world-famous DJ Black Coffee. The root of the controversy lies in DJ Black Coffee’s decision to play a remixed version of Penny Penny’s song during a performance in Miami.

Penny Penny, whose real name is Eric Kulani Giyani Nkovani, has been a significant figure in the South African music scene since the 1990s. He recently released a remake of his classic song “Hayi Ka Mina Hee” under the Open Mic Productions label, which has previously been associated with stars like Nomcebo Zikode, Master KG, and Makhadzi. The song has been making waves on dance floors, but the artist feels that his work has been misused.

A video surfaced on social media platforms showing DJ Black Coffee playing what appears to be a remixed version of Penny Penny’s song. This act has not sat well with the Tsonga music legend. In a statement, Penny Penny said, “You DJ guys that don’t know how to sing, stop playing with our minds. Coffee, stop playing my song. That is my song. Don’t disrespect me. Stop the rubbish you are doing.” He emphasized that artists and DJs should always seek permission before remixing someone else’s work. “If you want to use anybody’s song, consult. Don’t be a fake artist,” he added.

In addition to this controversy, Penny Penny has been dealing with another issue related to alleged exploitation by Semamo Productions. The company was responsible for producing his reality TV show. The artist claims that the company did not compensate him fairly and is currently seeking another production house to share his story.

DJ Black Coffee, on the other hand, has not yet publicly responded to these allegations. The situation has sparked discussions on social media, with many fans and followers weighing in on the matter.

In light of these events, it’s essential to respect artists’ rights and ensure that their work is not used without proper authorization. As the music industry continues to evolve, it’s crucial to maintain a sense of integrity and respect for the creators who bring music to life.