L’tido Opens Up Some More About The Cause of His Weight Loss

South African rapper, L’tido, recently opened up about the cause of his weight loss. The talented rapper shared an image of himself after his weight loss last month and it took everyone by surprise. When people assumed that L’tido had fallen sick, he revealed that he was actually on a diet.

The talented rapper also shared another picture of himself looking ravishing in his new weight. He talked about the things that he has been trying on, apart from his regular visit to the gym. He stated that the drink, Coke, is not as good as its substitute, Pepsi.

L’tido said:

I’ve tried coke before. I already know people gonna be judgemental but in my opinion Pepsi is better.

After Fifa debate, Tido and Cass also exchanged some laughs and dishes in respect to the wight loss.

Casspey Nyovest wrote:

Tido you hardly played 5 minutes that day. You bought a whole team and played 3 mins and substituted yourself. Now you wanna talk shit cause you’re skinny and im fat again. Halla at me in 3 months. 1st rule of the game should be that the captian doesnt sub.

Tido responded by saying :

Damm you are getting fat again 😂😂😂 see you in 3 months.

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