Mampintsha look-a-like Shocks Mzansi

Mzansi is shocked to see a Mampintsha look-alike, and everyone agrees it’s him.

It is always sad to think that Mampintsha is no longer with us. The Gqom star was a force to reckon with. We loved how well he owned the airwaves with his music. He was a star, and he knew it.

Unfortunately, his life was cut short, and fans were left wondering what could have been if he didn’t die. The star died a day before Christmas Day due to health complications. However, now and again, someone remembers him on social media. A fan posted a shocking photo, and everyone believed it was real.

The fan, @Collen_KM, shared a snap of some who looked exactly like Mampintsha at what looked like a VIP party. He wondered if it was the late star or if his eyes were deceiving him. Everyone hilariously agreed that it was him and made jokes about it.

@Kagiesure wrote,

“Bro, I see Mampintsha neh.”

@AkaOleseng replied,

“It is exactly him.”

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