Milly Mashile & Innocent Sadiki (Cent Twins) Talk Losing Both Parents, Traumatic Child & So Much More – Watch

South African actresses Millicent and Innocent Mashile, collectively called the Cent Twins given the ending of their names, have given insights into their childhood, revealing the trauma of losing both parents at a young age.

In a video shared on their YouTube channel, the sisters revealed that their mother died when they were just four years old. It was a mysterious death and it prompted their grandparents to expense resources to find out what actually happened to her.

When they were 17, strategy struck again as their father was killed. They were courageous enough to admit that his death was tied to his involvement in illegal activities.

Along with these tragedies came memory loss and a profound awareness of their own mortality. The sisters noted that when they turned 25, they were afraid that they would die at 26. Similarly, they had a fear their kids would die at the age of four.

Neither of such fears has materialised – a reason to be grateful. Now, they are using the experiences gained so far to navigate their lives and raise their children while hoping for the best. You can check out the YouTube video below and get to know the sisters on a whole new level.

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