Moshe Ndiki And Phelo Bala Officially Separate

At the height of their romance, many in South Africa’s gay community looked up to them as the ideal couple. Sadly, the romantic journey has ended for and Phelo Bala.

Moshe Ndiki, a television presenter, broke the news of the breakup in a recent interview, noting that although he’s no longer married to his musician husband, he, Moshoshe, still believes in love.

He also believes in marriage and will be looking forward to getting married again. For emphasis, he noted that the problem is never in love or in marriage but in people.

The people either make things work or they don’t. but the beauty of love and marriage will always remain.

and Phelo Bala had gotten married in a private ceremony in 2019 but it wasn’t until a year after, in 2020, that they made their wedding public, while celebrating their one-year anniversary.

Interestingly, that same year, they were reported to have had issues in their relationship after allegedly assaulted Phelo Bala with a candle at their Northriding home.

While the breakup was a mere rumor in 2020, it’s now official. It remains to be seen how they will navigate their lives from here. Will either of them hitch up with Mohale or Somizi?

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