Musa Keys Advises Compatriot Toss Over “Dangerous” Moves In The UK – Watch

Musa Keys Advises Compatriot Toss Over “Dangerous” Moves In The UK – Watch

South African musician Musa Keys has advised his compatriot Toss after the latter made what he considered a dangerous move in the United Kingdom, a country he visited recently.

Toss has visited the United Kingdom for a performance. In the course of his performance, he had made an ambitious climb and rapped and danced from the height amid a storm of attentive concertgoers.

Taking to Instagram, Musa Keys had advised his compatriot over the “dangerous” move. A slip from that height would certainly =not have been great. So best to avoid that move in the future. You can check out the post admonishing Toss below.

While Musa Keys was concerned for his compatriots, there were those who saw nothing wrong in what Toss had done. As far as they were concerned, it was part of his performance and his doing something which others had not done and may not do is an ambitious way of making his performance memorable.

Across the continent, he isn’t the first artist to make such a move, though. Nigerian singer Portable had done exactly that months earlier, and his action trended across Nigeria’s social media.

It isn’t surprising, then, that Toss had the same impact with his performance.