Mzansi In Stitches As DJ Maphorisa Sets Up Hugging Boundaries In Hilarious Clip – Watch

Amapiano producer DJ Maphorisa recently provoked laughter among his fans after he joked about preserving his personal space and not wanting to be hugged by fans.

In a trending video, he could be seen speaking about how he dislikes being hugged by some fans as they end up messing his clothes with their makeup.

While he is not exactly against hugging, he pointed out how messy it can be especially with ladies who wear makeup. In most instances, their makeup is deposited on his clothes, leaving him messy and needing to change them. The clip led to cheers, especially among his male followers.

In the comments, some of them commented on having similar experiences with makeup and how it just messes things up. Some pointed out that they even prefer ladies without makeup. You can check out the post below.

By the way, DJ Maphorissa isn’t the first notable amapiano musician to voice his displeasure about makeup. His friend and collaborator Kabza De Small had said something similar in the past, and he had netizens applauding him at the time.

Well, it remains to be seen whether DJ Maphorisa’s opinion on makeup and people with makeup hugging him will change anytime soon.

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