Mzansi Talks Dr Rebecca Malope’s Signature Performance On eNCA

South African gospel singer Rebecca Malope had her compatriots talking recently after making her signature move during a live performance at the studio of the station eNCA.

Many South Africans who saw the clip appeared unimpressed with what she did and some joked that she took all the attention from her co-performer. Godfrey Mahlangu.

The songstress was at the eNCA Randburh studios on Women’s Day and performed alongside Godfrey. As was her style, midway into her performance, she dropped to the floor and continued with her singing, pushing fierce emotional energy into the moment.

Some were chuffed with her performance and some complained that she was being dramatic. Anyway, that is a style of performance for which she was already famous. And it doesn’t appear like anyone can stop her from doing just that each time. You can check out the clip below.

Rebecca Malope is most often addressed with a “Dr” before her name although she does not have a PhD from her studies. But that’s by the way. The songstress has been in the industry long enough and contributed enough to be honoured almost everywhere she goes.

From the look of things, the honours are not going to stop anytime soon.

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