Nadia Nakai Talks About Navigating Cassper’s Beefs With Other Rappers

Nadia Nakai talks navigating Cassper's many beefs

Nadia Nakai opens up about navigating some of Cassper Nyovest’s beefs with other artistes.

Mzansi rapper, Cassper Nyovest is a man with many enemies. From Riky Rick, to AKA, and many more, the list is just endless. The rapper is known to have many beefs which constantly rise up on a daily and keep us talking about him. Sometimes we wonder how it affects his bff, Nadia Nakai.

It is surprising to see that these feuds do not affect Nadia Nakai’s relationship with these artistes his boss and friend is feuding with. While many of us have wondered about it, the female emcee is finally talking about it.

We were stunned when the rapper hit the scene with “40 Bars” featuring Cass’s one time nemesis, Emtee. According to her, she’s always had a great relationship with the rapper even while he feuded with Mufasa. She said they even recorded loads of songs together in the past which never saw the light of day. She also revealed that Mufasa was always in support of their collab.

She said,

“Funny enough Emtee and I have worked on a couple of songs that never came out,”

He knows the kind of support I have for him and he’s not trying to make me inherit his beefs to isolate me, because I know he had been isolated and he had to get back to the situations. He doesn’t want that.

He had a beef which is obvious, he advises me to never get involved because it’s not gonna be good for your spirit, two it’s gonna block your glances,three it’s not the energy you need to push,”

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