Naomi Campbell Welcomes Second Child At 53

Indeed, life can be beautiful. Fifty-three is not exactly the age when many people see others getting pregnant at, but life and science have a way of showing that sometimes, outcomes are unpredictable. British supermodel Naomi Campbell has just given birth to her second child at 52.

Of course, it is great news to give birth at an age many people may have written one off as not being able to bear kids. But miracles do happen – with Naomi as a witness to one of them.

In a post on her official Instagram channel, she had shared the news with her 15.2 million fans. The post showed her holding her kid without revealing the baby’s face. In the caption to her post, she noted that her kid is cherished beyond measure from when he was born.

She ended up by describing the kid as a true gift from God. You can check out her post below.

Naomi Campbell had her first child, a girl, back in 2021. She also posted about the kid at the time, describing her as “this gentle soul in my life.” Well, the “gentle soul” now has a brother – making a complete team as nature intended things. Cheers, Naomi!

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