Netizens Nod Approval As Tina Turner’s Husband Erwin Bach Is Set To Inherit Half Of Her Fortune

Tina Turner’s will has just been read and it reveals that she left half of her $250 million estate (about $125 million or R2 billion) to her husband Erwin Bach. The other half will go to her adopted in-laws.

The songstress, who was one of the biggest names in rock and ended up with the title “Queen of Rock ‘n’Roll,” died last month, reportedly after a brief illness.

When news broke about the division of her estate, netizens were somewhat split. The overwhelmingly narrative, though, was that Erwin actually deserved what he got. After all, he had been with the singer for several years and even donated one of his kidneys to her several years ago.

At the time, she had suffered kidney failure and needed a transplant to save her life. Erwin had volunteered his when his kidney matched. The magnanimous gesture had further deepened their bond and Tina made sure to appreciate it at death.

To some netizens, he deserved that and more. However, some tweeps had other ideas, insisting he likely married her because of her money. Well, to each his verdict.

By the way, the songstress passed away at her home in Zurich and fans around the world have been mourning her ever since.

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