New Video: Zahara Dismissed As Drunk Again

Will there be an end to the controversies surrounding Mzansi singer Zahara? We may never know. She’s just been accused of being drunk – again.

Last year, a video which showed the songstress singing along with her friends had surfaced online. And fans who watched the video said she looked drunk.

After an initial silence, Zahara had addressed the claims she was drunk, dismissing them all and saying she was having a great singing moment with her fans at the time, and without apologies.

Well, another video of Zahara has popped online again and some fans are of the view that she looked drunk, like in the earlier video of her that snapped attention last year. 

In the said video, the songstress could be seen dancing to amapiano and eating ice cream. A user that goes by the handle @_LeratoMabuza shared a clip of the moment and urged to leave alcohol alone when she has the time.

Some of the singer’s core fans rose to her defense, noting she was merely having a good time and wasn’t drunk. Some insisted that no one has the right to judge the singer for her life choices.

It remains to be seen how the songstress will react to the latest claims.

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