Paige Ignites Journey To 2nd Studio Album “African Child” With Lead Single “Pelo Yaka”

Following the release of her debut album “Isono” in 2022, Paige makes a return with her first release of the year titled “Pelo Yaka”. This single ignites the journey to her 2nd project “African Child” which is set to release on the 9th of November.

“Pelo Yaka” features Kharisma and Vee Mampeezy in which we explore the rich dance sound from Limpopo. The song is a reference to one of many classic African games that were played by the kids from back home.

Paige – Pelo Yaka Ft. Kharishma & Vee Mampeezy

It was created with the intention of reigniting the good old days as it brings nostalgic memories to one’s mind. This is mainly felt in Kharishma’s verse as it is an emotional contribution that reminds her of back home.

The song sets the tone as to what you can expect in the project as it details the journey and stories of a fellow African Children.

It is a must-add to your playlist as you get to sonically explore the Limpopo culture and the passion that lies behind Paige’s music.


  1. uMngani Wami (feat. Aymos ; Ntate Stunna ; Cheez Beezy)
  2. Only He (feat. Senior Oat)
  3. Bad Decisions (feat. Msongi)
  4. Khula (feat. Kabza De Small)
  5. Ngifuna Wena (feat. SeeZus Beats)
  6. Ngimtholile (feat. SeeZus Beats)
  7. Yeka Umona (feat. Busta 929)
  8. 2Days Ago (feat. SeeZus Beats)
  9. Ngibheje (feat. Master Azart)
  10. I Will Cry No More (feat. SeeZus Beats)
  11. Pelo Yaka (feat. Kharishma ; Vee Mampeezy)
  12. Tshwara (feat. Shebeshxt)
  13. Singajoli (feat. Shandesh ; Shebeshxt ; Pontso Locco)



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