Pay Attention Children, Nasty C Posts Bible Verse To Explain Coronavirus Pandemic

Rapper Nasty C, has taken another approach to the issue of the Coronavirus pandemic, lending his voice on the matter, he stated that the outbreak is an act of God, employing a verse from the Bible to support his claim

Over the time of the outbreak a lot of South African artistes have lent their voice on the issue, some making jokes to sought relief, others releasing songs and others guiding people through the preventive measures. Now Nasty C giving a more religious approach to the issue told people to look at the Bible verse Chronicles verses 7:13 which says that “people should pray to God and ask for forgiveness when there is a natural disaster or pandemic. The rapper took to his social media page on Tuesday the 17th of March 2020 to share the highlighted text from the Bible.

See the post below;

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