Pictured: Months After Divorcing Shawn Rodriguez, Amanda Du-Pont Flaunts Her New Man

When the dear disappears, there is another dear waiting near.  Those words, from the late American author and Nobel Prize winner Saul Bellow’s novel “Humboldt’s Gift,” continue to manifest all around us. It has just manifested in the life of the South African actress Amanda Du-Pont.

Months after finalizing her divorce from Shawn Rodriguez, the actress has shown off her new man. In an image currently flying across social media, Amanda could be seen posing with a man who looks way bigger than happy, but she appeared happy standing beside him.

MDN News shared the picture with the caption indicating that the man standing beside her is her lover. You can check it out below.

Amanda Du-Pont’s relationship with Shawn appeared to have been seriously strained after Jub Jub went to town with how he “smashed” her. In reaction to the video interview Jub Jub gave to Podcast and Chill with MacG, Amanda had released an Instagram video in which she claimed that Jub Jub raped her several times and threatened her. This was when they were dating.

This revelation strained his relationship with Shawn and they reportedly began to grow apart. The public saw this at the time and many spoke about it, but she denied her marriage was in crisis. The truth blew up later.