Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle celebrate daughter’s 1st birthday

and celebrate their daughter, Afrika’s first birthday.

Ever wondered what kind of parents Mzansi celebs, and are? Well, you can see it from the photos they posted from their daughter, Afrika’s 1st birthday. From the looks of it, they all had a lot of fun.

They threw the little girl a Rubber duck themed party. The proud parents can be seen posing next to the little angel who looks amazing in her pink mini Range Rover. On the post, Bontle revealed that she and Priddy were trying to hustle a ride in their daughter’s mini Range. Lol.

The couple has been doing amazingly well since the birth of their daughter in December last year. They have since started a successful show where they talk about their relationship and give tips based on their marriage. We really would love it if they had their own reality show.