R10k Bail For Dudu Myeni & Former Sondolo IT Director Trevor Mathenjwa

Dudu Myeni, a former director at SAA has just been granted bail alongside her co-accused in the ongoing Bosasa corruption case.

The former SAA executive and former Sondolo IT director Trevor Mathenjwa had reportedly collected bribes from the Bosasa deal, which landed them in trouble with the law.

As of yesterday, Friday, however, both of them had been granted bail in the sum of R10,000. It doesn’t end there, though, as their passports were also taken from them since they are said to be flight risks.

Their passports will remain with the investigating authorities until the end of the investigation. Myeni’s troubles with the law did not start today, as she was previously implicated during the inquiry by the State Capture Commission otherwise called the Zondo Commission.

It remains to be seen what the final verdict will be and if she will end up in the slammer alongside Trevor Mathenjwa or not.

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