R800 Up For Grab For Whoever Finds Mampintsha Stolen Iphone Charger

Mampintsha is perhaps the lastest case of celebrities’ obsession with their fancy chattels. After losing his expensive iPhone charger days ago, the Kade Sbenuza hitmaker went on a hilarious social media rant claiming how dear the electronic device is to him.

The fact that he has refused to buy a new one and is instead offering a cash reward of R800 to the crook that stole it has left everyone startled. His explanation of why he is offering such an absurd figure just to get his cell phone charger back is that the said charger is pretty expensive.

Even so,  a standard iPh0ne charger would cost just about the same figure R800 to R1000,(unless it’s gold plated of course 🙂 – pun intended.) Fans on social media gave varied comments on the same matter although most of them still insist that Mampintsha is overreacting.

This hilarious incident comes just as the singer is trending for yet another wrong reason. Just the other day, Mampintsha was allegedly caught live on camera slapping his lover Babes Wodumo. The heartbreaking act happened after a heated argument between the two superstars.

The Joburg hitmaker could not hold back his rage and found himself assaulting the songstress. Nevertheless, he apologized and the two reconciled. Lately, they’ve been sharing lovely moments together.

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