Riky Rick Remembered: Tributes Pour in on His 36th Birthday

Big Zulu and Cassper Nyovest Honor the Late Rapper's Legacy

Riky Rick Remembered: Tributes Pour in on His 36th Birthday

On what would have been his 36th birthday, the late South African rapper Riky Rick was fondly remembered by fellow artists and fans alike. Big Zulu and Cassper Nyovest, two of the country’s prominent hip-hop figures, took to social media to pen heartfelt tributes to the rapper, showcasing the impact he left on the music industry and their personal lives.

Big Zulu shared a nostalgic image of him and Riky Rick performing on stage together, captioning it with, “Happy birthday Qhawe lakith. Siyohlezi sikukhumbula njalo njalo njaloo,” which translates to “Happy birthday our hero. We will always remember you.” The two artists had previously collaborated on the hit song “Imali Eningi,” which not only dominated the charts but also became a social media sensation.

Cassper Nyovest, who had a close yet complex relationship with Riky Rick, also took a moment to reminisce about their shared memories. Posting a throwback picture of the two, he wrote, “Life was simpler at this point. I miss you, my friend.” The two rappers were inseparable during their early days in the industry. However, their relationship faced challenges, leading to a temporary rift. Despite their differences, Nyovest expressed regret that they never had the chance to fully reconnect before Riky Rick’s untimely passing.

Riky Rick, whose real name was Rikhado Makhado, tragically died by suicide in 2022 at the age of 34. He left behind his wife, Bianca, and their two children. The rapper’s death was a significant loss to the South African music community, and his absence is deeply felt by fans and fellow artists.

Social media was flooded with tribute messages from fans and colleagues. Many expressed how they missed Riky Rick’s presence in the hip-hop scene and reminisced about his contributions to the genre. Comments ranged from fans saying they missed “real Hip Hop” to others expressing their personal connection to the rapper, stating they felt his loss as if they knew him personally.

As the music community and fans continue to honor Riky Rick’s legacy, his influence on South African hip-hop remains undeniable. His music, messages, and memories continue to inspire and resonate with many, ensuring that his legacy will live on for generations to come.