#RoadTo1M: Chillers Applaud As MacG Proposes To Long-Term Partner Naledi Monamodi – Watch

South African podcast host MacG appears set to take things to “permanent site” with his longtime partner Naledi Monamodi as he officially proposes to her. And she said yes. You heard that right.

The Podcast ND Chill host is on his way to 1 million subscribers on YouTube. But that has not made him lose light of his relationship, During his Road to 1 Million celebration, MacG decided to pop the question in front of thousands of his fans, collectively known as Chillers.

The stage was set and the audience was expectant. When he finally popped the question, Naledi said yes and the fans were supportive – loudly applauding. It came as a surprise to Naledi. She clutched her mouth a bit and moved away from him briefly, apparently trying to process the moment.

Eventually, she accepted the ring as fans cheered. You can check out that memorable moment below.

Well, for y’all ladies with designs on MacG, best to look elsewhere now as the podcast host has once again affirmed his devotion to his partner Naledi. It is unclear when they will eventually get married, but this proposal is an important major step. Congratulations are in order for MacG and Naledi Monamodi.

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