SA’s Biggest Breakfast Celebration: Simphiwe Dana & Dumza Maswana To Face Off In Epic Showdown

The competition to be crowned South Africa’s most prominent breakfast king will feature two musicians, Simphiwe Dana and Dumza Maswana. They will advocate for two breakfast juggernauts, White Star and Weet-Bix, to highlight breakfast’s importance. When asked about her goals for her upcoming musical endeavour, music legend Simphiwe Dana spoke with the media.

Simphiwe Dana and Dumza Maswana will compete to determine the biggest breakfast brand in South Africa. Both musicians will represent two breakfast juggernauts, White Star and Weet-Bix, to promote the value of breakfast. The gathering, called #SABiggestBreakfast, will take place on September 26. Simphiwe is getting ready to release new music. Therefore, this will also open the door for her major musical comeback. According to a statement to the media, the program’s goal is to “bring families and individuals together to enjoy the most important meal of the day—breakfast.”

Simphiwe Dana, whose musical career is about to take on a new phase, stated:

“My goals for this phase of my music career include continued artistic growth, exploring new musical styles, connecting with a wider audience, and to continue creating more meaningful and impactful music.”

Simphiwe discussed her recent endeavours, including the connection between music and breakfast—bringing families together—and her two-year plan.

“I’ve just presented 2 brilliant and sold-out concerts in 2022 & 2023 at the Joburg Theatre. The project was called MOYA, and it was well-received by my audience, and there are still many great things to come from that. I’ve been performing around the country, and now I look forward to my Joy of Jazz performance on 30 September. It’s going to be something special.”

“Music and breakfast play a significant role in bringing families together. Breakfast is often considered a shared mealtime, where families gather in the morning to start their day. It provides an opportunity for bonding, conversation, and quality time. Music can enhance the atmosphere, creating a joyful and harmonious environment that can further strengthen the family bond and create lasting memories.”

Simphiwe is confident that she will defeat Dumza during their “breakfast duel” as she prepares for D-day.

“I know I am a very creative and affirmed cook. At least some of my guests have told me so. So, I’m rather enthused by the opportunity to play around with these breakfast ingredients White Star and Weet-Bix presented to us. With Glen and the team behind me, I’m quite confident that Team Dumza doesn’t stand a winning chance at all.”

From 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m., viewers may watch the show on eTV, which features delectable breakfast foods and unique guests. Simphiwe Dana and Dumza Maswana will compete on separate radio teams for the finest breakfast recipe. The time slots will be from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., and the radio stations will be Radio 2000 and Umhlobo Wenene. By following White Star and Weet-Bix on their respective social media profiles, viewers can win items worth R500,000.

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