Real Reason Simon Cowell Is Not Talking On AGT

Simon Cowell’s Fiancée Charms Netizens At America’s Got Talent Party

Simon Cowell’s fiance Lauren Silverman might not be a publicity freak, but she certainly turned heads following an appearance at America’s Got Talent party on Saturday. She rocked a mini dress with heels.

Simon Cowell himself was present but kept a low profile. Lauren was the one who stole the show at the party while her fan appeared focused on other things. Simon was the centre of attention recently, with many fans of AGT realised he wasn’t commenting on the performances as usual.

He later addressed his silence on the AGT, noting that he had issues with his voice and had been asked to rest a bit, which implies less speaking. Perhaps that was the reason for him keeping a low profile at the party as well.

Whatever the case, the public certainly had its eyes on Cowell’s fiancee, and the impression of her was wholly positive – an interesting reality for a lady who has no known active social media accounts and appears to keep to stay away from the limelight as much as possible.

Simon COwell’s relationship with Lauren has gotten mostly public approbation. And given how Lauran has not been an obtrusive character, the love for her will likely continue for a long time.