Slavery Claims: Did Tyrese “Mess With the Wrong Nation”? Tenders Apology

America songwriter and rapper Tyrese has apologized to South Africans for his Instagram past insinuating slavery is still being practised in the country.

In the said post, Tyrese shared an image of white fellows in chains while a black man watched over them. He alleged that was what was going on right now in South African. The post generated a great furor on social media, forcing the rapper to apologize

However, South Africans are still baying for blood. One Twitter user, besides denouncing the “ignorance” of the American rapper, also made it clear he messed with the wrong country and will pay for it accordingly.

Although he had apologized in a video, it appears the peeps he wronged with his post on Instagram are yet to be mollified. How this eventually plays out remains to be seen.

By the way, the lyricist Stogie T had equally been vocal about Tyrese’s slavery misadventure. In a tweet which has since been taken down, the “Empire of Sheep” singer had indicated Tyrese should face the repercussions of his actions

What do you make of Tyrese’s apology and the apparent rejection of it by South Africans? You may want to join the conversation by droping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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