Somizi’s Baby Mama Palesa Madisakwane Dumps Entertainment Industry For 9 to 5 Jobs

Palesa Madisakwane

Somizi’s baby mam Palesa Madisakwane appears to be done with the entertainment industry and has pivoted to a regular 9-5.

She made this known during a recent conversation with Zimoja. According to the actress, being a freelancer is not as easy as most people assume, and the benefits rarely correspond to the efforts put in.

For instance, she noted that one could get five calls and shoot 14 episodes in one day but will only get paid for one day. It doesn’t appear like something she would like to continue to live with. So she has made the decision to go back to regular jobs.

She delved further into the situation, noting that it was the reason people sometimes hear of celebs being down, swimming in poverty and ultimately dying as paupers. That life of struggle without corresponding compensation is not for her.

Well, 9-5 calls and hopefully it turns out the best for Palesa, who would have married Somizi but found out many years ago that he was into men as well. It was devastating news and she took time processing it. Soon enough, she accepted the reality. It’s been years since the revelation and she and Somizi are pretty cool now.