Stephanie Ndlovu Speaks On Four-Month Alcohol Break

Stephanie Ndlovu appears to be more health conscious these days, with an enforced avoidance of anything alcohol for the past four months. Of course, it never used to be like this. She used to take alcohol as she pleased. But then, she began a weight loss journey and part of being successful in that journey was to ditch the bottle.

She gave clues into her journey and departure from the path of alcohol in a recent episode of a YouTube series she runs with her husband, Hungani. After a while of alcohol use, she decided to take the path of intentional living, and the results have been grand.

By her own admission, when she takes a drink, it seldom ends at one glass of wine, affirming F. Scott Key Fitzgerald’s memorable quote that “first you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.” Surely, she didn’t want to be “taken” by the drink, so a conscious decision to quit alcohol.

It’s been four months, and she has been able to stick to her goal of not taking alcohol. It’s not been easy, but she has overcome the alcohol urge. And yes, her fans are drawing inspiration from her words in the video about it all. Watch below.

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