Thandeka Dawn King Provokes Laughter With Her “Breasts For Milk” Clip – Watch

It is never out of place for celebrated South African actress Dawn Thandeka King to show the hilarious part of herself. So when she did that recently via a TikTok video, not many were surprised. They were wildly entertained instead.

In a TikTok video which has since been shared on Twitter and other platforms, the actress could be seen re-enacting the “breasts for wine” trade which once provoked uproarious mirth among netizens when it was first done online.

Many of her fans who saw her latest clip found it just as hilarious and they pointed out how it remains them of when the “breasts for wine” trade was initially done online.

For some of the fans, the clip she shared of her re-enacting the trade was just top-notch and shows her excellent acting talent. Some even made comparisons to videos from other creators and pointed out that hers was way better. You can check out the clip below.

Dawn Thandeka King is one of the standout figures in South Africa’s entertainment space. This partly explains the heavy interest in her “breast for wine” trade. From the look of things, the interest may not die anytime soon. Give it to Dawn.

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