The Moment Cash App Founder Bob Lee Was Stabbed

A violent death is something no one would want to experience, But then, life happens and people find themselves bloodied and gasping for life. Some make it; some don’t. Sadly, Cash App founder Bob Lee falls into the latter category.

A clip currently making the rounds online showed the moment Lee was stabbed and how he eventually died from his injuries. In the clip, the Cash App founder could be seen walking along on Main Street in the Rincon Hill neighbourhood, gripping his side with one hand and his phone with the other.

It was clear he was desperate for help, something that became apparent when he approached a Toyota Camry with hazard lights on. Just by the side of the vehicle, he tried to show the driver he had a medical emergency but the driver was probably fearful and zoomed off, leaving Leet to collapse in the same spot.

He managed to get up in order to seek help elsewhere – at an apartment building, still leaving a trail of blood from his injuries. The scene was beyond heartbreaking.

Investigations are currently ongoing as the authorities try to unravel the case and ensured the culprit is prosecuted. Stay tuned if you please.

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